Linkifyer v1.6.6
© 2012-2018 Blaž Cegnar
What's this? This tool adds EQAFE and other Desteni related links to any text you provide. Use it to add links to your blogs and help promote What is Best for All Life.
How does it work? The application scans the text for predefined tags and transforms them into clickable EQAFE and Desteni related links.
How do I use it? Just follow the steps bellow. You can also watch the video tutorial.

STEP 1: Select options:
Use general tag table: For language: - Max. nr. of times each unique link will be inserted:
Max. nr. of inserted links: (0 - unlimited)
Use personal links from EQAFE for user: Add me to the list!
NOTE: Your personal product links are updated automatically every time you use Linkifyer, thus no action needed when you buy new products on EQAFE.

STEP 2: Insert/copy the text (e.g. from your blog) here:

STEP 3: If you want to see which tag words will be replaced with which links, log-in to TableHQ.